Why Choose Gold Dentistry? Boston Dentist Tells Why

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Go for Gold: Why Choose Gold Dentistry?

Why is gold the best material to use for dental restorations? Because it can last a lifetime! Why does Dr. Welz love gold? Because it can last a lifetime! Dr. Welz is an expert in gold dentistry and has been doing his own lab work in our in-house lab in Back Bay Boston for over 40 years, so he knows a thing or two about what lasts and what doesn’t. Some of Dr. Welz’s patients still have gold restorations that he placed 40 years ago–now that’s a good investment.

Our gold restorations, including gold fillings, gold inlays, gold on-lays, and gold crowns are hand crafted under a 20x microscope to ensure every step of the process is precise and impeccable. He has been perfecting the craft of gold fillings, gold inalys, gold onlays and gold crowns for the last 40 years in his office in Back Bay Boston and continues to do them on a regular basis. We utilize CAD/CAM technology as well as the “lost wax” technique to perfect your restoration.

So why is gold the best dental material? Because gold is the longest latest material in dentistry and is a good choice for those who are looking for longevity. Gold has been used in dentistry for tooth repair for more than 4,000 years. Gold is amazing! It is extremely durable and has the least reactivity of all the metals in the mouth. It has been used for centuries because it is very strong but also a soft metal. Unlike porcelain, a gold crown is very unlikely to crack if you bite into something hard. It is also extremely gentle on the opposing teeth and is especially well-suited for molars in patients who clench or grind habitually–it just feels right in the mouth. Typically, gold is done in the back of the mouth for aesthetic reasons, but we have no problem doing gold front teeth if you want them!

Your first appointment at our office will be to prep the tooth and to make a temporary. The second appointment will be the final gold restoration (gold inlay, gold onlay or gold crown). The time between appointments can be as little as a few days. After care of your crown or restoration is very important so be even more diligent with teeth that have restorations on them to prevent decay. Self-care is a big factor in determining how long your restoration can last!

A gold crown Dr. Welz crafted.

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