The Bioclear Method in Boston

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A New and Promising Composite Technique in Boston, MA

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Dr. Welz in Boston is now performing The Bioclear Method composite technique for bonding, fillings, diastema closures, black triangles and other possible procedures! The Bioclear Method, invented by Dr. David Clark, is the newest and superior method to bond teeth with composite. It can strengthen teeth and in some cases does not require removal of any tooth structure, as opposed to veneers. Additionally, it is a minimally invasive procedure offering a better approach that results in long-lasting and aesthetic anterior and posterior composites.

Diastema closure using The Bioclear Method technique. Photo courtesy of Dr. David Clark.

Diastema closure using The Bioclear Method technique. Photo courtesy of Dr. David Clark.

Primarily, the new method reduces the probability of staining and chipping compared to traditional composite methods. Bioclear has recently partnered with 3M, who has conducted material and mechanical studies on the strength and endurance of 3M products paired with this new technique. By combining true engineering and new standardized cavity preparations, along with modern 3M materials and Bioclear instruments, a universal pathway for clinicians is realized. Ultimately, this leads to a better outcome for the patient and their teeth.

Dr. Welz and one of his assistants have both completed their Bioclear certification from the Bioclear Learning Center in Tacoma, Washington and together have over 80 hours of training. Additionally, Dr. Welz and all three of his assistants have taken 8 hours of continuing education Bioclear courses at the Yankee Dental Congress with Dr. David Clark and have continued their education online through Bioclear videos. Dr. Welz has mastered the art of prosthetic and aesthetic dentistry over his 40 years in practice by having completed his own lab work in our in-house lab. He uses his knowledge and skill to make his Bioclear restorations a work of art.

If you think Bioclear is right for you, contact our Back Bay Boston office today to set up a consultation! Your first appointment will be an initial consult with Dr. Welz. This appointment will be to discuss your aesthetic wants, to outline the procedure and to answer any questions you may have.

The consult will include a mockup that is done in the mouth so you can visualize what it will look like before the final product. We know faster is not always better, so we take time and careful consideration to plan your case. Dr. Welz is an advocate of longevity and strives to educate patients on the longest-lasting and best materials. The initial exam with Dr. Welz is $182 and is typically 45 minutes to an hour long. After your consult, we are more than happy to schedule an appointment for your Bioclear procedure.

To learn more about Bioclear, contact our Boston office today by texting or calling us at 617-262-3737 or at