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Dental Cleanings in Back Bay Boston, MA

What do you do when you wake up and right before you go to bed? If you said brush your teeth, then that’s great! Brushing and flossing twice a day is essential in maintaining your oral health. However, you do also need to visit your dentist for a dental cleaning at least twice a year.

Why Visit the Dentist for Dental Cleanings?

Visiting your dentist twice a year isn’t just for fun. Dental cleanings are actually an important part of maintaining that healthy, glowing smile. At Valdemar Welz, DMD, we utilize the latest tools in dental hygiene to ensure you receive optimal oral health care. With the help of our hygienist, we can properly clean your teeth and every crevice you might miss with a toothbrush.

At each dental visit, we start off with a head and neck exam and then do an oral cancer screening. These are extremely important and should never be overlooked–it could save your life. Next, we check the health of your gums to ensure gum disease isn’t waiting to pounce on your healthy teeth and gums. Lastly, we clean your teeth. We discuss any findings with you and answer any questions you may have and how they are affecting not only your oral health, but overall health. The visit ends with an exam by Dr. Welz.

Our three hygienists, Kamila, Sarah and Ania are very knowledgable and love to answer any questions you may have, so feel free to ask about anything! They are committed to excellence, like Dr. Welz and keep up to date with the latest in the dental hygiene world. 

Contact our office for dental cleanings in Back Bay Boston. By scheduling your bi-annual dental visits, we can help ensure your teeth and gums remain healthy for a lifetime.