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Meet Dr. Valdemar Welz

Dr. Valdemar Welz

After over thirty years of dental practice, I have decided to do a website! It is yet another wonderful opportunity for me to share information with my patients.

I received my D. M. D. from Boston University Goldman School of Dentistry in 1978. From 1978 to 1992 I was the Course Director of Pre-Clinical Fixed Prosthetics and Dental Anatomy courses at BU Goldman School of Graduate Dentistry and I have lectured at various professional venues, including the Yankee Dental Congress and local dental study groups.

My wish for my patients is to optimize their dental health, mind, body and soul.  To help achieve this, our patients come in for regular dental hygiene visits, and regular restorative exams.  So many of my patients have restorations in their mouths that are twenty to thirty years old.  This is a result of the regular care that we provide along with the information that we continuously and truthfully share with them.  When a patient does need a restoration, we have the unique and favorable situation in that I have my own onsite laboratory, in which I make all of the restorations myself, using both gold as well as CEREC, depending on the patient’s preference and the reasonable options available to him or her.  It is under these circumstances that I may provide the very best, longest lasting solution for restoring patients’ teeth.

For me, practicing dentistry is a journey of living and sharing the truth.  For example, my staff and I were fortunate to have attended Dr. Abrahamsen’s course entitled “Etiology, Diagnosis, and Cure of the Non-Carious Loss of Tooth Structure”, during which we learned that the harmful effect of toothpaste abrasion has finally been verified in studies undertaken by Dr. Abrahamsen over the last six years (as well as in his thirty-five years of clinical observations).

Tooth structure loss is due to tooth decay (caries), the grinding of teeth, various forms of erosion, and miscellaneous oral habits. However, as my staff and I learned at this course, for many people, significant tooth loss is also very often due to toothpaste abrasion. Where there is evidence of loss of tooth structure, I recommend that you brush only with water and use an electric toothbrush. (Please see our blog post “The Truth About Toothpaste” for more information on this).

The truth is really just that simple.

Dentistry is also a philosophical, theological, and scientific examination, best illustrated in one of the courses I teach called “The Damaged Dentition and Body”.  In essence, philosophy asks the questions who and why, when, and how.  Philosophy attempts to answer all four questions.  Theology specifically seeks to answer the who and the why.  And science searches to answer the when and the how.  A human person needs to answer all four questions to be a complete subject in body, mind, and soul.   Further, good philosophy and religion yields good science.  The inverse is also true.

In addition to teaching courses and taking them, I also read hundreds of books each year…books on nutrition, religion, and even books about dentistry once in a while!

My interest in learning about nutrition intensified about five years ago.  During this period of time, I read every book that I could find on nutrition.  As a result, I now eat once a day, and always a plant-based, animal product free meal, and I feel better than I have ever felt.  Not only have I dropped many pounds and maintained it for several years, my seasonal allergies are gone, my joints don’t hurt, and I just informed my staff, almost all of whom have been with me for over twenty years, that I plan on working for at least another thirty years! (Learn more about nutrition and oral health here)

We are presently and enthusiastically welcoming new patients.  Your first visit here would be a two-hour appointment with me, for the New Patient Exam, where the focus is on your dental health.  One of the highlights of this visit is when I give you my “Big Tooth” picture and presentation.  After this visit, you have all the tools and information necessary to keep your teeth healthy forever. My goal has always been for my patients to keep their teeth for a lifetime.

Please stay tuned as we work to build this website and upload numerous informational videos on how to have a healthy mind, body, and even soul.

This website is dedicated first and foremost to my wife Ella, my three children, to God, to my profession, and to every person who has ever lived, lives, or will live on the planet earth, because after all, we are all brothers and sisters. I look forward to meeting you all.